The Week in Numbers

2 cookies I ate this week were a personal victory
2 times i thought about buying THIS Madewell tote
23 iPhone apps that need to be updated
37.92 THIS dress cost me from GAP , it may still be on sale. 
78.30 minutes it took to watch THIS Enrique compilation
229 the number of days that have passed in 2014
1294 email notifications on my phone, right now
9,131 days is how old I will be turning soon 

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Kate Spade Surprise Sale

It's been a while since the last Kate Spade sale I posted on. PS it ends in 2 days! Check it out 
---> HERE <--- 

Here are some favorites, from left to right...
Watermelon Flats // Mini Pouch // Southport Avenue Oden (i have it in Large) //

Weekend Reading

Oh hello! This has been one heck of a social week. I have done happy hour four out of five work days, like who am I? Time has been of the essence; from rushing to event venues to scheduling projects. There really are not enough hours in the day. Or, I just need to prioritize better...

THIS egg baked avocado recipe made me curious and wanting to try it.

THIS Spicy Sweet Potato Salad from Love & Lemons, looks delicious

THESE NARS Audacious lipsticks #icantwait #wantthemall

Turned my face into all types of emojis with IMOJI

THIS ridiculous song stuck in my head

Want THIS dress from GAP

image = mine ;) 

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Life According to Kanye West

Am I wrong for this?

...NOT! It's crazy how one quote can just put things in perspective. When I read quote by Kanye West on GQ, I was taken back by how much people were going crazy over it; not only was it super basic, it applies to all of us."Getting sh*t done and being happy" we tend to complain so much about things not happening, but why isn't happening? We aren't doing anything about it. Could you imagine how much happier we would all be if we got things done? Like everything on what seems to be a never-ending-to-do-list? Thoughts? #kanyeShrug?

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