Fancy Dress under 500

Hey budget girl,

Spring is here, summer is knocking. Do you have your dresses in order? So many attainable trends out there so might as well find items that incorporate them all! Here is what I found for all of our boudoir off the shoulder romantic graphic dreams from Farfetch.

Get Springy with it

Spring and I have always had a love/hate type of relationship. Love the start of warm weather but does it have to come with so much pollen? It is great that the worries of snow storms are gone the spring time still means the weather is adjusting and we can't really dress like summer...but we can surely try to.

I've already pulled out a pair of shorts and sandals, now I need more springy things. Here's a few things I am eyeing at the moment:

Weekend Reading

Lets try this again. No April Fools jokes here. Sometimes you to give some things in life another chance. So I am trying this Link-up again. Maybe i'll keep doing it until its successful. 

THIS is the perfect 'I have nothing to wear' dress for this spring. Bought!

Considering THIS set from Old Navy. Send Help. 

Can someone please open a Nap Bar near me? 

Attempted to recreate THIS look from GlamRoq my one Youtube friend. 

Fit Files no.7

Giving Barre another chance...

Somethings in life deserve a second chance and sometimes, the second time around, they are not as bad as they once were. That’s the short version of my second experience at Barre fitness. This we replace a ballet bar with a chair, and it’s less intense. Considering my fitness kick, about two to three weeks ago I started Barre again and surprisingly loving it. There is just something about using your own body weight for exercise that inspires weight loss…if ya get my drift. But the crazy thing is that you feel great after the workout. Absolutely recommend everyone and their mother to try it out.

The next big thing…No weight loss but much much energy. Still have not opened Jillian Michaels yet, but strongly considering joining a gym.  

Happy Easter & More

Hey there, Just wanted to leave a not up here on this Easter Sunday.

First of all Happy Easter or Happy Sunday. These days its so easy to get tied up in a million little projects. You could probably tell by the state of this blog. Last week I was to start a weekly-link up, It failed. I could have done so many things to save it from failure but instead, I just left it there. no modifications.

Then I began to think about all the reasons why it failed. That just to realize that everything has its time. There is no point in starting 3 projects at once. Last weekend, I was doing so many things that when I set up the post to go live, I did not do all the things that require  it to be successful to start. Basically, the moral of this ramble is to tell you to take things one at a time, take it slow. as they say slow and steady wins the race...I think.