5 things I'd like to do in Spain

After having been in Spain for several months, there are still so many places and things I would like to do and see. The country is so vast and full of things to satisfy each person's wander-needs. From time to time, I get into conversations with locals and see what they are into. What places and things they enjoy doing also, what some recommendations are for me to do. If I were to do each thing I have been recommended to do, I would need infinite funds and a bit more time than I actually have. Some of the more interesting things I do want to do are: 
  • Having some paella in Valencia, I have been told it is the best in all of Spain. The paella is made with wood fire which makes all the difference.
  • A winery tour in the Roija area of Spain, only fitting as most of the wine I like in this country are from that area…only fitting. 
  • Partying hard in Ibiza, because why not and #yolo…The way people describe this place makes it sound like Disney. 
  • Visiting the Guggenheim in Bilbao, the architecture of the building itself is to die for. 
  • Finally lay on the beautiful beaches of Mallorca. Google it…just google it! 
Did I miss something? 

Postcard From my basil plant

Just because I am feeling mildly homesick and have yet to find fresh basil in Spain
From June 2014
Virginia, USA

Empties #2

Since moving abroad, I have been using up a lot more of the products I brought with me. If I was at home I would just start using something and somehow after going to either Sephora or CVS find something new before finishing the old products. Perhaps the language barrier of Barcelona is working in my wallet’s favor. Here we go...

Let’s start with something that I just need to admit to myself  is quite a “forever” favorite THE almighty Caudalie Huile Divine. I finally bought the full size bottle when I was in France over the holiday. You should give it a whirl! 

On to the scents. I have always bought the Victoria Secret scents…but never really used them. Well, not at all, they are just too sweet and act better as a room spray than a body spray. Lemon Escape smells like a lemon-ey cake, so I used it to spray my closet. Citrus Dream is better…but used it for my bedsheets since it is not overwhelming. One scent I would repurchase is the travel size Gucci Guilty eau de toilette. It is such mesmerizing  goodness of a night scent. It smells like a sexy summer night on a rooftop bar by the beach. 

Oh skincare… I do have a somewhat review of the Aveeno Targeted Tone Corrector [here] it is a good budget buy for dark spots. If I had access to this a.k.a. a Target nearby, it would be back on my stash.. The Jurlique Purely Bright Treatment a little pricey and high maintenance but it works oh so well. The instructions say “apply 2-3 times daily” but who has time for that? Using is once and sometimes twice a day, results were seen within days. It was worth the money, and yes I would buy it again if my face started acting up. 

And then there was one lip product…just one. Secret Agent Pretty Pink Provocateur  which I got in a Birchbox a long time ago but never used…until Barcelona. It smells great and the packaging is awesome but I does not last more than an hour on me. So…would not go out of my way to buy this. 

Has anyone else tried these products? Thoughts? 

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Olivia Pope Style

Tory Burch Robinson Bag // Trench Coat // Pixie Pants // Leather Pumps // Sweater // White Top //

In honor of Olivia Pope once again gracing out screens with her presence and functional-disfunction, I thought, another Scandal post would be appropriate. Don’t you agree? Or am I slightly too excited? Don’t answer that. With Scandal on the brain, I scoured the all mighty internet to find pieces that could bring a little Scandal into each of our lives this winter/spring.  

Starting with the TRENCH COAT, it is an obvious staple if you live somewhere like London but it is so Olivia. The character has the best collection of coats but the trench is by far her best and most worn.

The NUDE LIP, Liv never wears a bright lip…she should try it. Her lip color is typically a nude and low maintenance. A nude that is worn to prevent chapped my favorite Revlon Color Burst Lip Butter

A structured midsize TOTE BAG à la Prada, remember THIS? It's probably has nothing in it but who cares it looks darn good! 

It's still winter so add some fine LEATHER GLOVES in the mix. 

Let's not forget "at home Olivia"...with a large glass of red wine and the COZIEST SWEATER she wears. Everyone needs an adult version of the sweatshirt and that is probably it. Surely you would. You know to wear to the grocery store or airport. 
The PIXIE PANT that will go with nearly everything. 

That pair of PUMPS preferably leather and black. Oh something that can be worn all day for every life event. 

SILK TOP something that is comfortable. I prefer buttoned up blouses only because they are more versatile. Olivia probably wears EQUIPMNENT  

…. everyone needs to feel like Olivia Pope, why not? Oh and by the way where I'm the world did they take Olivia? Will papa Pope and BoyToy team up to find her? Is papaPope behind this disfunction? Is BoyToy going to go bonkers over this? But what if Maya Pope wasn't really dead and she took her daughter back? 

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