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Back with another gift from Influenster! Won't lie here, I was majorly skeptical about this mascara. It leaves you with velvety lashes...best lashes I've had...they said. They were right. After, using it for about a month now nearly non stop, I might be obsessed. The best part is that it cost less than $30, totally worth it. If you were not blessed with thick and full lashes, this is for you. I do love my Estee Lauder mascara but the fullness I get from Velvet Noir is almost incomparable.

* these products were gifted from Influenster for testing purposes* 

Parque de El Retiro, Madrid

Possibly my favorite place in Madrid, in english Parc of the Pleasant Retreat. It did belong to the royals one upon a time and is situated near shopping street Calle de Serrano, Prado Museum, Botanical Gardens etc.
More dirt than grass but it is full of surprises like the large pond and the unexpected Crystal Palace that I would not mind living in.

New Fall Lipsticks #YSLRougePurCouture

Hey, wassup, hello there. This one is for lipstick lovers. Few weeks ago I got a sweet little package from Influenster and lets just say it did not disappointed, inside were two fancy lipsticks from Yves Saint Laurent's Rouge Pure Couture line. Perfect for fall.

First is #19 Fuchsia, best way to describe it is "bright subtlety." It is bright without being too bright for a day to night look. Then, we have #9 Rose Stiletto which has been living in my purse since the day I received the Influenster package. Let's put it this way, for darker skinned girls like I, it is the perfect non-matte nude.

Overall, as expected from Yves Saint Laurent, the lipsticks exude luxury. The packaging itself will make a girl want to touch up her lipstick even when she doesn't need it. They are both super hydrating and can last a workday, minus the heavy and greasy lunch. I'll definitely buy #9 as soon as this tube is gone, so worth the investment.

* these products were gifted from Influenster for testing purposes* 

A Tourist Day Vlog

About a month ago, I went to a food festival and up Tibidabo Mountain to the Amusement Park.

Spain Over 6 Months

So here we are. Or, here I am. In a corner at Buenas Migas, most of the people I met over more than 6 months are slowly going away, moving on. I am still here. 

About a week ago I asked a question that I could not for myself answer. “So, what did you accomplish in Spain?” responses varied from “I didn’t go home because I was scared” to others realizing that coming here was not a complete mistake. It got me to thinking about my answer which at the moment I was unable to come up with. 

In over 6 month in Spain. So much has happened. What did I accomplish? Perhaps I’ll get a better answer to myself once I leave Spain...Or perhaps I haven't accomplished the biggest thing yet which is why I am still here...

*cheers to coffee shop ramblings*