Dilemma: Lunch Time

Everyday, around 11am and 2pm, I am faced with a dilemma. What will I eat for lunch?

As my coworkers head to food trucks, I sit at my desk and ponder upon my options. While lunch should not be such a hard decision, faced with so many options like Mexican, Salads, Greek, Italian, Korean etc. it feels like the weight of the world on your shoulders.

When I finally decide to get up from my desk, the temptation is there to just get a cupcake, which is conveniently next door to my office space or Frozen Yogurt. For some reason however, I end up just walking around until something just sticks out to me. But it never gets old, which is a problem because the more I walk around, the more I waste my lunchtime.

If I had taken the habit of being in the mood for something specific everyday, it would not be this hard to make such a decision

Keeping in mind that someone trying to eat healthy everyday, what should we be eating or lean toward eating?


  1. I carry my food with me. I have an adorable little lunch box that everyone thinks is a purse. It carries, celery, rice cake, tuna pouch, apple, carrot sticks, cucumbers, raw squash and fiber one 90 Brownie (to cure the sweet tooth attack). Maybe that'll help!

  2. You have to be a super healthy one! I should try that! have a link for the lunch box/bag?

  3. Its either a dilemma or an a great opportunity to try out new things! :-)


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