25 before 25

Probably should have written this around the time that I turned 24. But you know as they say, better late than never. 
As couple weeks ago, my iPhone notified me that I had six months. Six Months before I turn 25. I am about to hit the big leagues, the mid-twenties leagues. This is serious business. It's that moment where I should be looking at that “where will you be in 10 years “ list I made in middle school and check off my accomplishments. 

Honestly right now I can’t find that list. It would have been nice of me to blog that list on my Xanga account or something. Anyway, since I have a some time before the end of August, I thought to do it right this time around and blog my list of where I want to be and things I want to do. Here we go in no particular order: 
  1. Take a solo trip. 
  2. Own a real leather jacket. Nothing says “I got this” more. 
  3. Visit my Alma Matter. Haven’t been back since 2011
  4. Read more career focused books Ogilvy anyone? 
  5. Go to Cherry Blossom Festival
  6. Go to a music festival/concert
  7. Find THE perfect jeans
  8. Be published
  9. Do something outside my comfort zone. Youtube…? Yikes.
  10. Pay off those pesky credit card balances. So grown up right? 
  11. Have a proper make up routine
  12. Find an awesome blazer “a la Yves Saint Laurent tuxedo” 
  13. Go somewhere I have never been before
  14. Attend a midnight movie showing. X-men or Hunger Games anyone?
  15. Start a big project
  16. Take more selfies
  17. Shop more my personal style. Sales can be so tempting. 
Ok, I know the list is not complete with 25 things but to be more interesting, I guess I could also as the year progresses, I would highlight other accomplishments as they happen.