Leather Jacket

One of the things I want to have before turning 25 is finding a good leather jacket. It is something that I have always wanted. A wardrobe staple that is so difficult to find. In my quest, it really got down to the nitty gritty. A leather jacket really has to fit your personality and style. You can't just pick one up just because it is the right size. A little over a month ago, I went to Nordstrom Rack without a purpose, as per usual and stumbled on the perfect jacket! Still available HERE.  
What makes it perfect? The length, it hits at the right places, remember THIS outfit? It zips up without giving me the feeling that I am suffocating myself. The sleeves are half leather and a rib knit material which does not make it too tight in that area. The sides have a ribbed pin tucked detail which gives me a little bit more shape and edge. What else could I ask for? And it is real leather. 

...more leather jackets...

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