Currently in Spain -_-

Typical in-flight picture 'cause I have a window seat #donthate
It has now been almost a little bit over a week since I decided to pack my things and move to this charming city by the name of Barcelona. I should admit that I did not really know what to expect from this move, not even what the temperature would be like. Even that turned out to be such a nice surprise. It looks and feels like an old photograph.  One where some random OGs are siting together having a drink in a tiny European street. Let me stop daydreaming. But the whole city just feels right, easy going and stress free. It is almost as if Barcelona does not want you to have a worry in the world. 

I have been walking close to an 8-mile average a day, which balances out my eating food habits a.k.a beer. Brought my whole makeup/beauty collection, and only touched two lipsticks and a concealer. Really there is no point to makeup when it is summer in October. #imelt. Forget about lotion, not only is it hot, it is d-r-y out here. My tiny Caudalie Huile Divine, is running dangerously low. Major dry skin problems over here. My bags were full of  “fall” clothes...I may have failed in the packing aspect but, we will make it work! 

Anyways, I am ready to start waking up flawless, once again. My schedule is slowly getting back to something that is somewhat normal. There should be more travel related posts coming up in the future. 

Also, thank you for still visiting TW even though there was just one post in two weeks. I really appreciate it! 

FYI: OG =Original Gangster