New Struggles, New Challenges

We all struggle with weight issues in America; if it’s not a fact by now, it ought to be one. Now I just not so recently acquired a new position, which requires me to be behind a desk most of my day unless of course I go to get coffee or something out the printer. Very active life, I know.

With the new position came new habits such as coffee, food trucks, constantly eating out, and let’s not forget happy hour. Which are all necessary in order to keep a firm network in a city. Now I find it a bit more difficult to put myself together in the mornings, as certain pieces just don’t fit as perfectly as they did in previous months. 

I think I know what you are thinking right now… “GO TO THE GYM!” believe me I would go if I didn’t get home so late at night. My challenge to myself this month is to slow down a bit with the eating out and a little exercise at night before heading to bed.

Let me know what you are trying this month! 


  1. I just recently started dating someone who is INCREDIBLY active and literally ripped. I'm usually pretty toned but have been so relaxed with my workouts I feel a LOT of pressure to get back into great shape.
    Today was my first day back at the gym and I'm excited. I feel GREAT. After that first workout the endorphin rush just becomes addicting. You can do it just keep your ultimate goal in mind and take small, achievable steps :)


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