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City working, Suburb living

If you only knew what I go thru to get to work in the morning!

I probably did not mention it before but at the moment I work in Washington, DC USA. It is a decent job but when you are a Workette like me, contracts are not for too long, you have to be moving to the next thing. Now, since work is not as stable as most normal people out there, I live in the suburbs rather than the city because it is indeed cheaper!

The one thing about living in the suburbs is that you need a car to go everywhere (and I don't own one). And the commute to work on train is just the longest some days! Is anyone is doing the whole taking a bus/shuttle to the Metro station then, taking a super packed train to the city in this cold weather? It almost makes me want to move closer to the City.

Do you have a long commute? How do you deal with it? Or, How would you if you did?

P.S. I do know very well that this "suburbs" picture is Wisteria Lane (Desperate Housewives Withdrawals) 

PSA: I will do a post on long public transportation commutes...so, be on the lookout!

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  1. Great post !

    Like your style girl ;)

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  2. Sometimes I wish I was in the USA...
    But I live in London, central London, I don't need a car, and I go to work by bus, it takes me 30-40 minutes to get to work, I don't complain :)
    I'm always with a book and with my iphone, so time goes quick on the bus.


    1. Living in the city in the USA is most fun...but the suburbs are more for married couples looking to start a family. Or people looking to save alot of money (like me).

  3. I live in Arizona so we always have a commute but nothing like what you have to experience! I have always wanted to live on the east coast and experience that kind of life. DC is probably one of my favorite cities in the US!


    1. Thanks! It is a beautiful place worth the visit!
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  4. great post honey, i really love the place!


  5. My dream is to work from home. Wouldn't that be cool? =)

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

    1. Girl! That would be the best! So much independence

  6. I live and work in DC. However, I used to live in Arlington. It wasn't too bad but I was driving to work. I am sure it would be rough if I had to metro in the cold and/or rain!


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  8. We live in the city (Philadelphia ), my husband walks to work, I'm currently seeking for openings in the burbs, will be commuting, just like you. I think I will do the early bird thing to beat traffic... Ahh, not looking forward to it. Just started following your blog :)
    Abigail K


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