DIY: Pumpkins

Ok, I know I am late, very late! 

I see everyone made their Halloween posts about decorating pumpkins, and costumes...did you know that you can make very delicious food with pumpkins?

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While Pinterest has an infinite amount of ideas. Since we are between holidays (Halloween & Thanksgiving), it is the perfect time to make some good home-made Pumpkin bread, soup, etc. 

I will totally try some this weekend and tell you all about it. 

But first, does anyone know how to pick a good pumpkin?


  1. Hi Cassy, Great blog. I have 2 pumpkin recipes if you are interested. One is for a pumpkin chiffon pie and the other is for pumpkin chocolate chip cupcakes. Let me know if you want those recipes.


  2. I can send you two, one for pumpkin pancakes and one for no-bake pumpkin oatmeal cookies.

  3. ah! Please, I would love to look at it maybe even try it this weekend!
    Email me:

  4. I never went pumpkin picking, nor do we love pumpkins as much as americans seem to so we barely ever cook/bake with them :( it's too bad really, because I LOVE them! x

    1. it will be hard picking a recipe for my reply post next week, so many family recipes coming in on my email.

  5. i've entered here looking for information " how to pick a good pumpkin?" so... I don't know too. ;-D

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