Voyage: Bridgeport, CT USA

I have been on trips before but never really wrote about it. Probably a lost opportunity, months ago I had a job which literally required me to live out of a hotel room for about 4-5 months. But that is enough with missed opportunities.

I have turned a corner and now, will take my own advice and take more trips and pictures (all my favourite things)

So, Bridgeport. I had never been there. Since it is the holiday season, to be precise Thanksgiving weekend (American Holiday), why not visit.

As the semi pre-cautious person that I am, I looked up some information about the area and stumbled upon some websites where I could get to know the area before I got there. It seems like a very decent place to live on the coast.

As much as I wanted to take pictures, it was so cold that staying at home eating was much more appealing. The one time we left to go sightseeing, I had left my camera at home. I would have had many more pictures if I had planned for the freezing weather! So, my apologies.


Basically, Bridgeport is small town and very hill-y (wonder how they get around when it snows). My trip was worth it except for the cold! I would recommend you all to visit in the summer and stay in New Haven, there seems to be more to do there and the waterfront is very picturesque!

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  1. It looks beautiful! I may just visit during the warmer months :)

    1. definitely and there is a ferry to Manhattan :)

  2. Hi, new visitor here. I love travelling and photography too! They go together hand in hand. I especially love that picture of the lighthouse. Dreamy!

  3. It looks so beautiful there! Definitely need to check it out when it's not so cold!


  4. no problem! I will check your page out

  5. Beautiful pictures! We already follow you GFC :). Eli&Nale xx

  6. Love New England! Beautiful pictures and great blog! Perhaps we could follow each other?

    XO - Lulu

  7. Beautiful pictures. Love to travel.
    Xo Amy,
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  8. Wonderful pictures.^^
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  10. such a lovely picture ^^

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  11. This sounds like a lovely place to visit. I love taking trips to new and unexpected places. There's a quote that says, "Life happens when you live it" - it makes me want to pack up and go somewhere new!
    Isn’t That Charming.


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