Voyage: Bridgeport, CT USA

I have been on trips before but never really wrote about it. Probably a lost opportunity, months ago I had a job which literally required me to live out of a hotel room for about 4-5 months. But that is enough with missed opportunities.

I have turned a corner and now, will take my own advice and take more trips and pictures (all my favourite things)

So, Bridgeport. I had never been there. Since it is the holiday season, to be precise Thanksgiving weekend (American Holiday), why not visit.

As the semi pre-cautious person that I am, I looked up some information about the area and stumbled upon some websites where I could get to know the area before I got there. It seems like a very decent place to live on the coast.

As much as I wanted to take pictures, it was so cold that staying at home eating was much more appealing. The one time we left to go sightseeing, I had left my camera at home. I would have had many more pictures if I had planned for the freezing weather! So, my apologies.


Basically, Bridgeport is small town and very hill-y (wonder how they get around when it snows). My trip was worth it except for the cold! I would recommend you all to visit in the summer and stay in New Haven, there seems to be more to do there and the waterfront is very picturesque!

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  2. It looks beautiful! I may just visit during the warmer months :)

    1. definitely and there is a ferry to Manhattan :)

  3. Hi, new visitor here. I love travelling and photography too! They go together hand in hand. I especially love that picture of the lighthouse. Dreamy!

  4. It looks so beautiful there! Definitely need to check it out when it's not so cold!


  5. Beautiful pictures! We already follow you GFC :). Eli&Nale xx

  6. Love New England! Beautiful pictures and great blog! Perhaps we could follow each other?

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  7. Beautiful pictures. Love to travel.
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  11. This sounds like a lovely place to visit. I love taking trips to new and unexpected places. There's a quote that says, "Life happens when you live it" - it makes me want to pack up and go somewhere new!
    Isn’t That Charming.


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