Dilemma: Dealing With Family Christmas Edition

If you are reading this then, the world didn't end

So, most of us are going home to celebrate Christmas with family. We always get so excited about being with family but honestly, sometimes it is not all that great and overwhelming. Family is family thats all they will not change, no matter the dynamics. But, you have to get thru it.

Since most people leave the nest early, most people are used to having their own schedules and routines. When you are back at the family house, there will be things that will be asked of you. For the 4-5 days you are there, just do as you are told by the adults (aka Mom and Dad). Be present.

You don't get to see these people all year so enjoy and show your appreciation for them. Now, being present might be hard to do in this day and age of technology so, switch it up a little bit. Take some time for yourself either in the morning or before bed and enjoy your own company...before you go insane. That is one coping strategy which will work with most people.

So, Enjoy the Christmas season (or, whatever you celebrate) and please, just breath and think.


  1. awww this is such a lovely post! Will be spending Christmas with my family too this year and I'm beyond excited :)x

  2. Great post !

    haha I love your story well written :)

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