End of an Era

Does your mind ever get so pre-occupied with something that you just can't think of anything else? It's happening to me. Earlier in the year Desperate Housewives ended. Now, Gossip Girl ends.

Frankly, what are we going to do with ourselves? Will there be movies to help us deal with the loss? I really would not mind knowing what the new neighbors had in that box at the end of Desperate Housewives and what becomes on Henry Bass and if Serena and lonely boy will have children. This might be the biggest loss of our time. It is truly the end of an era, the world might actually end in 3-4 days as predicted by the Mayans.

I must say, I really wanted to be in those parties they had every episode

Oh, the little lies that keep coming back every season!

What other shows ended this year?
Photo Credit: Each photo was taken from the shows respective websites


  1. My heart broke when desperate housewives was cancelled!

    Merlin was cancelled this year, so sad.


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