Favorites: November

I know, I am no Youtube big time beauty or fashion guru but these are my favorite things of November. Basically things I have used everyday. Enjoy!

1. Neutrogena Wave Sonic- Got this last month and have been using it almost every day. It is very cleansing and massages your face very well. The one thing is that I would not recommend anyone to  use it everyday just so your face does not get too used to it.

2. Altoids Smalls Peppermint- We all carry mints in our purses, and everyone knows about Altoids. I used to hate them, in the spirit of not having stinky breath a friend of mine had given me some last month after dinner. Since that afternoon, I have had the mini's in my necessities purse everyday.

3. Maybeline Dream BB Cream- Whenever it starts to get cold we all tend to get pale, I do not like to wear heavy make up foundation everyday. So, when I saw this whole BB cream movement on youtube, I went ahead and got the Maybeline and it works amazingly. Gives me enough color where I dont look sick and too made up. It is hydrating enough for all weather (#dryskinproblems).

4. L'Occitane Pivoine Flora- I was going to write about my Nivea Hand Cream that is always with me but, I discovered recently the L'occitane hand creams. It is a great addition to your necessities purse (if you have one). It is very light and hydrating without feeling watery.

5. Maybeline Baby Lips- I bought this one because the commercials made me (yes, I did), and I do not regret it. As a person who does not wear lip color...It made applying chap stick more grown-up. I would always recommend this product to anyone it is also very hydrating for the months to come.

6. Homemade Lip Scrub- Since I made it, it has been used everyday. I have used almost all of it and made some more. Before the chunks of sugar bothered me but if you actually scrub it on your lips it takes the dead skins out and also dissolves a bit so it doesn't feel weird. (DIY Lip Scrub)

7. Emergen-C Blueberry-Acai- Well, hello! You need this stuff and since I discovered the Immune+ line with Blueberry-Acai, I have been feeling pretty good about the coming winter. It is good tasting vitamins. Try it.

8. Longchamp "Le Pliage" Large- I've had this for years now. I recently bought the large size which is actually called the "shopping"bag because of my long commute to work. I have used it everyday even to go away for the holiday. It us in my favorites because everyone should have one, you go to work and if you happen to pick something up at the store, on the commute back home, no one will know what you bought because the bag is big enough to hide your purchases :)

What is one of your favorites?


  1. We will definitely tray some of yours fav.
    L'Occitane Pivoine Flora is first on our list!
    E&N xx
    L'Occitane Pivoine Flora

  2. I too love the Neutrogena Wave Sonic but because I couldn't always find the pads for it I traded mine in for the Clarisonic! Great product list!


  3. Great list! Love the Lonchamp bag- so chic and versatile. The homemade lip scrub sounds fantastic too :)



  4. nice blog! do you recommend the BB cream?

    I'd love it if yu checked out my blog :)


    1. yes! i do recommend it, it is very light and does hide light imperfections


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