Holiday Travel Tips

Hey, so you are traveling for the holidays aren't you? Or maybe you don't know what you are doing are in luck a frequent mover/goer to many places, here are some basic reminders/tips on travelling.
Now, before you leave, make a list and check it twice. Pack your holiday outfits first, then everything else*

If you are driving somewhere, first thing is to make sure your vehicle is in good condition. It will behoove you to bring along emergency equipment (first aid kits, flashlights, etc.)

 Depending on the size of your ride, use your best judgement when it comes to wether or not to wrap the gifts. I don't until I get to my final destination. Bring lots of healthy snacks for the road trip, and map out directions including "tourist traps." And, allow plenty of "air" time just in case there is a lot of traffic which is very likely.
 Drive safe! And that Mustang is not mine...

Oh, so you are flying? Well, start looking at ticket prices right now. If you do get a ticket get a morning departure, it is less likely to be delayed! Go...NOW After you've done that, start getting familiar with the airports you are flying out of and into (just to know the policies). Book a shuttle to pick you up, it will be less anxiety than rushing to parking yourself. Just because it is a holiday season, even for domestic flights, get on the mindset that you are flying international because airlines tend to overbook during a busy season.

For the presents, mail the big ones to the destination, with specific orders that no one open them :). If they are small enough just pay the fee for the extra luggage, but do not wrap me.

It's always nice to take the train too. All the advice above applies but, the most important things about traveling by train are comfort and food, not comfort food. You will be sitting for a long time. You are allowed two bags, the trick is that it can be in any shape as long as you can carry it on your own.

Although trains are on a set schedule, they sometimes arrive early or are late, you should always try to be there 45 minutes early.

* Will be doing a Holiday Packing Tips next week*
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  1. This is a great little post! I ALWAYS make sure my car is in great condition as I go on a lot of road trips - but not many think to do this, so great tip.

    Christina x

    1. Never thought about it because I always fly or take a train

  2. with these travel tips, you must have an amazing trip!

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  3. Wow! that was a nice tips that surely help a lot to me,now I want to travel in Philippines. Thanks!


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