Lists! Fall Acessories

Accessories are their own categoty of necessties especially for the fall so many things we just cant live without especially those of us who live somewhere that tends to be very cold and sometimes snowy

1 Leather Gloves

2 Mohair Scarf

3 Brown Boots
4 Cashmere Hat
5 Cashmere Sweater

1. Leather Gloves (H&M)
2. Mohair Scarf (Zara)
2.5 Handmade Scarf (learn it, its very rewarding)
3. Boots (Forever 21)
4. Hat (Banana Republic)
5. Cashmere Sweater (J-Crew)

*Warning some of these items are a bit pricey but you will get your moneys worth!


  1. I love cashmere! That sweater is lovely.

  2. That scarf is beautiful! and leather gloves! I need those for my upcoming trip to New York!

    1. oh yes you will need the whole list to go to New York

  3. love the boots!

  4. Cassie, those boots are to die for!! I love them, such a cold weather staple! xo

  5. The Zara scarf and jumper look gorgeous :)


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