Random & Cool Holiday Gifts for the Traveller

Hey, so just in case you have a person who you just don't know what to get for this Holiday I have something to help you out. This is just a list of affordable, cool and random gifts that any person who is always in the move. Someone like a jet-setter, nomad and/or backpacker.

P.S. This list is somewhat unisex!

Anyone who travels would want to put their stories somewhere. Computers are not always easily accessible, having a notebook/journal handy will help your traveller remember to mail you a postcard.  
This particular journal is the Bleeker leather a5 notebook at $168, it is on the bit pricey side because it is very aesthetically pleasing. For a more affordable option, you can always go for the Moleskine notebooks which vary but are less than $20. 

Ok, our passports look cool. If you travel a lot, it will get a lot of wear and depending on where you go there is a number of things that can happen to it. You should always have a case for your passport, no matter what. This cover is from Coach, Legacy leather passport case, it is somewhat pricey but it is worth it!

Any traveler knows the importance of luggage tags. This tag is from Coach, Bleecker legacy small luggage tag, granted you will need two or more having leather tags will last a long time. Travelers do not have time to go shopping to find a quality product like so. 

Wether it's a plane, car, bus, or a train you will be uncomfortable without a pillow. Travel Pillows can go a long way. From sleeping while travelling to crashing at a friends house, a pillow is always needed. One with super comfortable memory foam is always much appreciated. 

If you do not have a pair of Sperry Original Boat Shoe, they are by my experience "all weather" shoes. They are worth the money you pay, the more you wear it the better they look. 


  1. This is a great list, I love the luggage tags and that journal is beautiful. xo



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