Trip: Downtown Holiday Market

Last week while on my lunch break, I stumbled upon the Downtown Holiday Market in Washington DC, which is a dupe for the German Christmas market. It was like any other summer fair, except for the cold, people were taking advantage to make their buys before the holiday. Very strategically located in the Penn Quarter neighborhood at 8th and F street, easily accessible via Metro.

There were some very talented artists showing their work, all the jewelry was very unique and mostly handmade...most importantly very affordable. Maybe it was the day I went but everything was on sale. 

For people in the area who want to check it out, The Downtown Holiday market runs until dec. 23

Some fine pieces from Totally Rocks by Maryellen Thronton they were my favorite. The displays had the best presentation and Maryellen was very nice explaining to me (a stranger) where the stones cam from and her passion in making such dainty pieces. Although I didn't buy anything, thought I'd share two of my favorite pieces.

Next, is Harpstone which I think was displaying the "Elements" line. They reminded me of Ireland.

Tibet Shop had some nice and very affordable arm candy. Most of the items are not silver but you get what you pay for.

 Mann Made Designs were by far the coolest. They are made by Jimmy Mann with many different kinds of materials.

 Favorites (below)
 There necklace charms and earrings below can be personalized with your own pictures (below)

On a previous post, I had mentioned that everyone should have special and dainty ornaments. Funny enough I stumbled upon Red Persimmon Imports there were very wel made ornaments. I really want the green star. 

 Do you have a Holiday Fair near you? 


  1. Oh wow, I love it! I am so jellyfish! I would love to go to something like this! I love the rings!

  2. Beautiful jewerly :)

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  3. I wish I had a holiday fair near me, these pieces look amazing!


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