Dilemma: Being in control

Sometimes we just live life like there is not a start or an end. Part of being happy with you is learning how to be in control of yourself. That can mean anything…in last weeks post I thought about more of keeping a momentum. Although sometimes when we try to keep a momentum, we end up not stopping, losing control. I want you to stop every once in a while and think about what you are doing or saying. Life is not monotonous.

Life is not a constant wanderlust although it is nice to let your mind wander, but the key to such a successful wander is your ability to stay in control. To be aware at most times. We also have to come to terms with the thought that we will never be completely in control of everything.
With that being in control, is about being in control of at least one aspect of your life. Many people find it easy to have control over part of their life like changing their eating habits so they can get more energy, others do something they always wanted to do like travelling more or exploring more. You can challenge yourself to read a certain number of books by a certain number of days or months. It really is up to you to take time and look at what you want out of life and how doing something different in your life diet could put you back in that right path once again.

My challenge to you is to find something you are into or that you always wanted to do and do it, do it to the best of your abilities. Make a list and cross a couple of things off of it over time but the trick is, give yourself benchmarks/deadlines. For one, I am going to do the 52 week/day money saving challenge and/or a reading challenge, don’t know my metrics yet but you will be the first to know as soon as I decide on twitter (link)

I got inspired to write this because of a fellow online personality Nikki Philippi (link), who is doing a series called “How to be Happy January.” It seemed to be a favorite inspiring young people all over the globe (who have internet) to take care of themselves no matter what the conditions of your life; there is always a positive side to anything. Think about it, it’s true.


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