Dilemma: Keeping in Touch

Its a new year, everyone has been tweeting all week "New Year, New Me" we all know it just ain't really true. You get others saying the same old wanna be healthy (as I am...), how about trying something that is more realistic. Something we can actually keep up with by just lifting a finger and sometimes not even having to leave your bed. How about Keeping in Tough with each other.

I am sure you go to networking events and just forget the people you met after one month just by not emailing or texting them back...I have done it before (shame one me). Its a new year, we should especially women should build stronger networks or likeminded individuals. You will not always get along but I have this feeling that it will be worth it!

Start emailing back that person who sent you the Holiday e-card, invite them to lunch! For the online people who comment on each others blogs...how about some more interaction? Follow each other on Twitter, Facebook and where ever else!

For everyone who reads this and follows me on my social media, I will follow back and keep in touch.

Even at work, or at the grocery store, keep in touch. Remember people's names. Who knows, you might get something good out of it! So lets connect the dots in our relationships and keep in touch people!


  1. Great Post!

    hhaha I know what you mean but I;ll definitely add you an Twitter for a nice chat :) and add you to Bloglovin as well since GFC is ending ?:S:S

    Hope you'll check back on me too :)

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