Dilemma: Keeping a Momentum

First of all a new year just started, it is no time to be stressed out about anything. If you want to be efficient and effective from now on, keeping a momentum is at the most importance. The way to keep a momentum, a good one is to have balance. Its just like cooking, with the right balance in the recipe the meal will be perfect. 

That balance that is needed will absolutely not be the same for everyone. You have to figure out what is best for you, yes I know easier said than done. Think of something you accomplished lately, it does not have to be big. Now think of things that you did which contributed in the success or failure or said project. Dissect and see what works and what does not. It could be for example that if you are a blogger, you are more motivated to post more when you plan a month ahead for topics and do a weeks worth of posts one day so that everything is on a queue. 

Keeping that new found balance is about the hardest thing you will have to do, but once you get used to the routine; the results will be worth it. Now that you found what your balance is, just keep it up. You will have to modify over time but that is OK. If you find it hard to keep your balance, make an end goal and give yourself longterm goals (like 6 month long) and modify it overtime. 


  1. you are so right! maintaining a balance is the hardest thing to do but that would make us happier.


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