5 Random Facts About ME!

This challenge was proposed by Tabetha from The Closet Intellectual, so now I shall share with you 5 random facts about me in no particular order

1. The discovery of Youtube product review videos changed my life, and my wallet

2. Accessories are my best investments, they will always fit

3. I have an unhealthy addiction to Buzzfeed and if you go there, you will understand why. Please come back and tell me about your experience

4. I love technology, but do not invest on it. Imaging that person who always goes to Best Buy/fnac to check out the new releases, play with them and not buy anything

5. Cannot commit to more than 5 TV shows at any given season, well 5 is already too many to keep up with. It's survival of the most entertaining


  1. I think I have committed to about 20 shows, and it's so so difficult. I wish I wasn't so addicted to TV but I love it.
    I'm on buzzfeed, but unfortunately not a huge fan. I just received a razor from them which was nice, but it didn't work as well as my current one.
    I love your idea about accessories, so true!

    1. a razor? ok lol how do you keep up with so many shows

  2. #5 - HuluPlus is a lifesaver with their favorites category. Allows you to watch shows at your leisure and tells you when new episodes are on. I love it haha.

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  3. Hi i recently added 25 facts about me on my blog, might give you some more ideas.
    http://www.littleblondelife.com/2013/02/20-facts-about-sammie.html (link to exact post) x


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