Dilemma: Setting a budget

The problem between the budgets I set and I are sales, like really good ones. You know the kind where you get a $70 pair of shoes for $10 or $20. That's the problem I have and so do most of my friends. Lately, there has been a change, there seems to be more cash in my bank accounts than usual. The set budget for the month did not go over, it went under. Yes, some saving is happening.

When the year started, aka last month, only decisions were made not resolutions. Many people were doing the "no-buy month" thing, thought about it for a while but who am I kidding most of us cannot pass a good sale.

Some things which helped me were.... first to Prioritize major spending...every month there are things that we have no choice to spend on like bills (aka that iPhone, electricity, those credit cards etc.), calculate the amount for each and their overall total. Then, there is food which you need.

For things like food and basic necessities you should track your monthly spending for just that, with that you will have a buffer and know how much you approximately need on any given month for food.

Give yourself an allowance, be generous to yourself. There's only so much you can spend on and hoard for the rest of your life. Before you give yourself that allowance, go thru your stuff and give things away and use the things you already have. Now about that allowance my friend...give yourself like $100 just for random needs like shopping and maybe going out. Be frugal!
Start a rainy day fund, you know like a piggy bank for adults. There are two easy ways to go about this. 1) you can put a certain amount greater than $20 away every month. 2) Do some sort of challenge, like the 52 week/day challenge where you put money away every day or week. It is a very nice concept which I am currently doing. All you do is put away that days number away (i.e. day 1= $1, day 3= $3, day 40= $40). It will just get super hard after day 25, but it will be worth it!

Follow my advice friends, and you will have bags and bags of money to buy all kinds of girl stuff like clothes, and shoes.


  1. I have the hardest time budgeting. I live in one of the most expensive cities in the country and no matter how hard I try, I live pay check to paycheck. Bah! ;)


    Jules of Canines & Couture

    1. totally understand! DC is horrible all the fun things are expensive

  2. Beautiful shoes


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