Dilemma: Single or Coping with Valentines Day

It's about that time of the year again. Some people call it "Single's Awareness Day," it's really just another day. Most people who are single or who are in a long distance relationships around that time just feel like it's the end of the world...it's not.

As someone somewhere between these two situations, I have planes to cope with the day in question and it is only fair that I share with you. First off, get some perspective in life, you being single or not having your partner around for one day, is overrated. Do not sit around and feel sad for yourself. Not worth it, treat it like any other day.

If you works all day then, this Valentines day is like every other one just avoid grocery stores and restaurants.

If you want something to do, since everyone else is out drinking and eating, it is the perfect time to hit the gym and work out your frustrations if any.  Or, grab some popcorn and turn on the Netflix and watch yourself a good action movie, not a romantic movie, an action packed one.


  1. working out is good.... I guess any time you can plug a workout, so much the better. (= Lynaea @ EverydayBloom.com

  2. I love your suggestions. I think you could also hang out with your gal-entines (the lovely lady friends in your life). I am not single, however, my husband works on Valentine's Day until midnight so I will be thinking of it as any other regular day as well.

    P.S. I found you through the lovely Tabetha @ A Closet Intellectual (I am also on her sidebar for the month). I am looking forward to reading your 5 facts!

    1. yes! I was supposed to post mine today yikes I guess it will be up in 2 days

  3. I like your take on Valentine's Day :D very positive! xx


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