The Dreams Tag

I found this tag on youtube, as I do most tags. When I looked at it, it looked pretty interesting. Thought I would have more to say for the dream tag but clearly my dreams are not too interesting 

Do you dream?
Yes, I think so!

What did you dream about last night?
I do not remember...

How many dreams do you usually remember?
Not many.

Do you have a dream journal?
People do those?

How often do you have nightmares?
After scary movies, yes. Who doesn't after scary movies

Do u lucid dream?
Only when I am on the train going know, you just dose off. 

Do you dream in color?
I don't know 

Do you dream in first person?

Do you have recurring dreams?
I don't think so

Have u ever had déjà vu?
YES! It's way too bizarre 

If you do this tag, tweet me the link @theworkette


  1. I like stuff like that. It's pretty interesting to see how others would respond to questions about your dreams! Dreams are hard to remember, well for me at least. Following you on GFC, hope you'll return the fave! xx

    Marianne Y

  2. Man, I wish I can remember my dreams. My boyfriend tends to remember them quite clearly, so I get jealous because he has something interesting to share in the morning. Haha. Found your blog from BBN, by the way.

    The Style Mermaid

  3. Thanks,for your lovely comment. I used photoshop for my collages.:-)


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