Favorite Shops

Nordstrom--  I am not a fan of large department stores, but this store makes up for it in other areas.  Their customer service is amazing all across America, including online. They carry great quality products, the prices are a bit high but you will get your money's worth. And if you are dealing with a tight budget, there is their outlet type of store, Nordstrom Rack where everything is majorly discounted!

Amazon.com-- The day I discovered Amazon was sometime between High School and college a couple of years ago. Something had happend to my cellphone and I was not able to buy a new one at the cellphone company because my contract was not up yet. I went on amazon put in my information and was introduced to a whole new world. It has been love since. There is literally everything on that website!

Target-- This store always has some kind of collaboration with a designer and the deals on decent accent furniture are always great. You can shop for your whole house there, and it is not as overwhelming as Walmart

Other random places are Sephora and Macy's for a quick one stop shop when you know what you are looking for, not good for browsing at all, too many bright lights.

What are your favorite shops 


  1. Where I live, we don't really have too many large department stores so there isn't really one for me to pick as a favourite but there are places where I go to often:

    Hua Ho - it's a department store with branches all over half of the country. Most people do their grocery shopping here, mainly because this is where it has the most variety of items. But I dislike shopping for apparels or toys here because they're damn too expensive.

    For clothings I usually buy them at smaller stores where price is reasonable. Occasionally I buy them from online stores like Wholesale-dress.net or Aliexpress.com :)

    1. Cool places, I have heard of Aliexpress before, but never went on there!

  2. you will not believe how much i miss target. there isn't one in germany and it always reminds me of my time living in america.

    1. yes, Target is amazing too bad you can;t buy the special collections online!

  3. All these stores look so amazing but we don't have many of them in the UK it's rubbish! Love your blog :)


  4. You are hilarious. I love Nordstrom because it doesn't stress me out!


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