Hell's Kitchen Flea Market NYC

Few weeks ago when I went to New York City for the New York Times Travel show (link), as my fellow blogger friend Kay (The Kay Days) and I were walking back from lunch we discovered a city gem.

I had heard about the different Flea Markets in the city but never ventured to one, as much as I have been in that area. We stumbled upon the Hells Kitchen Flea Market (link) on West 39th street between 9th and 10th avenue a couple blocks from Port Authority and very close to Time Square.

Beware, there is an unusual amount of pictures. Take a gander.
Almost positive that "hell boy" is their mascot since it was so massive! This flea market has everything you can find fur, old magazines, leather, Longchamps and Gucci.

things from different parts of Africa.

you may also find this guy who was playing music with a large radio attached to a dolly/cart...

beware, magazines with lots of legs

...there is some house ware and random jewelery

...cool street signs and license plates, if that's your thing

If you are in the city on a saturday or sunday morning until 5pm , I highly recommend this little street show fro all your discovering needs. 


  1. Always fun to stumble upon stuff like this. I think there's something cool about vintage magazine covers like the playboy ones.

    1. yes, they have all kinds of cool frames and random other things

  2. LOVE flea markets. So much fun! I went to Treasure Island Flea a couple weekends ago and I was amazed at how many gems were showcased.


    Jules of Canines & Couture


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