List: Last minute Valentines day gifts

If you are looking to book a quick getaway or a spa day for this best forget about it. The spa near you will be booked already and that quick getaway will be unreasonably priced. When it is less than 4 days before the day, you've got to get creative!

1. An extra large bouquet of flowers will make up for forgetting to do an elaborate surprise. Your local grocery store or flower shop will have the best at reasonable prices.

2. A box of chocolate, get a variety of chocolate, if chocolate is not the favorite, get a variety of romance-ful fruits basket. Anything that does not require too much work to eat, will be fine.

3. Cook up some fancy recipe you found on know the ones on your "recipes" board that you never attempted to attempt. Now is the time where that pinning skill comes in. By all means check out my own "Recipes Board" maybe something my interest you.

Have you made plans yet?


  1. Yes! A home-cooked breakfast then a nice trip to a historical area for some antique shopping with an ending at an amazing restaurant. It's supposed to be a surprise as long as I can keep my mouth shut ;)

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