Spring Trends

Spring is right upon us, everyone is planing a spring break vacation , cleaning or shopping for the new season. here are some things I think will be this spring, because summer is a whole other bag of popcorn (or something like that).
As far as colors, there will be a lot of black and white in all kinds of different shapes. Also, there will be lots of neon colors coming out because we all have been deprived of color. Winter is just so somber after Christmas.

I will probably never claim to be a beauty guru-ish type of person but the make up this spring will emphasize certain features like eyebrows and lips. The bold exotic eye brows and matte lip.

There will be a lot of travelling. Not only for spring break.

Shoes to have are loafers and edgy strappy sandals. Forget about tan and black. It is all about the bright colors.

Those people who don't always want to be super trendy, will be wearing a lot of "bizarre" patterns. They will not be strong colors like burgundy.

After reading this, don't you feel like I should be called Madame Cassy? I do know the future!


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