Job Interview Talk

Oh hey there, if you follow me on twitter, you would know that I went on a string of interviews a couple of weeks ago. Yes, I did get the job I wanted.

This is for those people who are getting ready for that interview. Yes, you! I know you are nervous but you are going to own it. I am serious. 

Whatever you do, do not wear something that is not comfortable. Make sure your "interview" clothes are on point, as in make sure they fit properly. To have a too-tight skirt will hold you back. People say your clothes don't matter it's all about your resume and what you say at the interview...they lied. 

When you walk into the interview, the interviewer can tell how confident you are. At certain interviews, people have mistaken my confidence because they were trying to intimidate me. You will find this, certain people are looking to hire others that they can control. For me that is not a healthy work situation, that's what interns are for! So, If you are applying to be an intern...well make sure you know thyself prior to that engagement. 

The way you own that interview is to be confident. Know yourself, you are the product. Be ready to answer all types of questions from your weird hobby to the imaginary career you thought you would have back in primary school. 

"Know what you want, where you are in life, and where you wish to be in the future."- The Workette


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