List: Fun things to do with friends

Host a dinner party:  Always a good way to practice your cooking skills and hostess skills. It is so fun whip up one of those Pinterest recipes we love to hoard so much!

Wine & a movie: There is nothing better than a night in, just rent a couple of movies on Netflix and some wine (or, Juice). Or, just start a new show and plant yourself on the couch and cozy up with snacks.

Brunch: No one ever wakes up super early on weekends, so how about putting on that dress and having brunch with you best girl? You really can't deny it, it really is the best thing! Try it.

Work events: Whether you are in school, working, or unemployed...there are those random events you get invited to and for some reason, you always just go and suffer it alone. Grab a friend and go to that happy hour or whatever it is, after all two is better than one (cheesy, but I had to!). Chance of you not having a good time are very slim.

What do you do for fun?


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