The Best Places to Think

I sometimes, most of the time find myself stuck. You know like when you are trying to maybe write a paper or even come up with a new way to do something. And all you need is a place to think. Thought I'd share some of the places I find are best for me to think when I have a lot on my mind and cannot move on to the next thing. 
First, in the shower, I do realize I posted a picture of a bath. Both work for me depends on the day really. There is something about just relaxing and washing the germs off of your body that is very cleansing to the mind.

Depending on the time of the day, being in the kitchen cooking or baking a delicious dish, believe it or not will help you get creative. For me, making a good pasta dish or baking something from my Pinterest "cookbook" (we all have those) clears my mind.

There is also that option if you are near a television, watch a documentary. For me to clear a mind and think it is best to watch something meaningful. Something where you can actually learn about something new and innovative. Or, maybe how something works like those National Geographic or Science-ish documentaries.

The last going to a coffee shop. Yes, a coffee shop! I like to go to coffee shops, European-style. This means I go grab a coffee/tea with a little dessert, then I get a table put on my sunnies and sit at a table where I have a view of the whole shop (inside and outside), it is the best way to people watch. People watching at a coffee shop will clear your mind and for some reason helps with creativity...ever notice how many people go there with their laptop to do work?

Where is your best place to think?


  1. I tend to think while I drive. I know, it's crazy. But I tend to observe the outside world and it's chaotic mess.

    Kisty / The Style Mermaid

  2. Sometimes that helps me but, it is too distracting since paying more attention to the road is most important

  3. I know that I shouldn't let my mind wander when I drive, but I come up with the best ideas while I'm driving long distances.

    1. that is true but it is hard to jot things down lol

  4. I think in bed. Usually if I wake up in the night, and it's quiet and clear I can't switch my brain off. I'd much rather be sleeping most of the time, but what can you do! Grrr ;)

    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

    1. never really thought about that because most people just try to go back to sleep

  5. These are great. I think the best in coffee shops or out walking with my dog, it just clears my head and my thoughts can pour out freely!

  6. Best place to think for me is my room lol or the park :) Love your post!

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