The Job Interview Outfit for a Creative Office

As promised, spring break is right around the corner. Most people are either out  doing something fun, visiting colleges or doing interviews for jobs after graduation. Since I have had a lot of experience doing interviews in the Washington, DC area, thought I would make it easy on you!

This option is for the person who will be going on an interview at a place that is very laid back. A place like Google, a non-profit or somewhere that has west coast roots. Mixing pieces like a classic pair of black slacks or super dark trouser jeans with almost any top paired with a classic blazer will make you look like you belong. Now, it's time to sell yourself.


  1. This is a great post! I remember the time I applied for this magazine and I have no idea what to wear. Just to be safe, I went for a corporate look though. Hahaha. If only I found this post before then.

    xo Kisty


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