Actual Morning Routine

We all like to pretend that our morning routine goes a lot smoother and stress-free than it actually does.

6:30 am, the alarm goes off, check what does on in internet world (shameless).  Favorite sites to check are Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Just like any other young adult out here. 

6:45 am Hop in the shower and do all the bathroom stuff

7: 15 am Quickly check the weather,  then rush to get dressed because someone forgot to lay out clothes the night before

7:30 am grab a breakfast bar. Do not get me wrong, I love a good hot breakfast platter in the morning but my lateness creates a timely dilemma. No coffee, it’s too early to be wired like that.

7:40 am Rush to get the proper train, then do some kind of puzzle or look for a book to read. For some reason stopped picking up the morning paper.

9:15 am Hopefully at work, where I finally grab that cuppa joe, or tea :-) 

Post inspired by Bon Appetit, my morning routine series


  1. Hi Cassy - I wanted to thank you for your kind words directed to us Bostonians. It was so sweet and most appreciated xo

  2. Great post! I like reading about other people's routines :D xx

  3. Ha! I love that quote. I spent years working on my morning routine and then my job changed.... Now I understand the feeling of running around like crazy.


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