It's the season for dresses

Well finally it is starting to feel like it is okay to go out without your winter coat (at least in this coast).

I guess it is time to show off those legs and arms we've been hiding all winter. Even if you are not going on "spring break," a working girl and even one who travels can still indulge in a sundress or two. I mean, if the cherry blossoms are coming out, why shouldn't our legs?

There is just something about the sun shining bright that makes us want to dress with flower and heart patterns on our clothes like children. In that spirit, I was doing some online stalking (you know...what you do before you make final online purchase decisions) and I may or may not have bought all three of these! Nice enough to wear to work with a cardigan, to bring from day to night with accessories and to wear to a weekend event.

Have you gotten your dresses for the season yet?


  1. I love a good dress!! Can't wait until its warm enough for bare shoulders...yay!

  2. Oh my gosh SO digging that floral skater dress!


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