only human...

I have been thinking about this all week, maybe you have too. These things we keep in our journals when something bad happens. Keep it to yourself or post an inspirational quote on Facebook,Twitter or even Instagram about it. But, this week happened again, and it was bigger. It kept happening all week…
…I was at my desk; a co-worker mentioned something about Boston, something about a marathon. I had no clue a marathon was happening. I logged on to twitter, only to find it in a state of panic, a flood of emotion. Then, it happened again, in Texas. When things like that happen, our emotions are all over the place, no one knows how to act anymore and others think they know it all. 

…the truth is, we are human…no one acts nor reacts the same. We should try to accept that others have different reactions to different things that happen.

We post pretty things all day/night, we are still aware that there is a lot of ugly in the world. Times have not changed, we have, we change our surroundings, and we have the power to be the change we want to see. It starts with you. Keep in mind, in this world that we live in, everyone has an expert opinion and thinks they can do no wrong. We are humans, humans are not perfect.

…we all can do wrong, and sometimes, things happen and it is not the human’s fault. It’s OK! All we can do is try to understand and not fight each other. Be better, be the good.


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