Graduating Without a Job

Congrats my friend, you’ve graduated University. Now it’s time to think about what in the world you are really going to do next, and ignore everyone who makes it their duty to asks these classics: “so, what are your plans after graduation?” or “do you have a job lined up?” even the “you should’ve probably majored in everything else.” It sucks I know, I was there not too long ago.
 Moleskine classic notebook (link) | Trouve tuxedo jacket (link)

Here is the reality, the summer after graduation just might suck, a lot, but it is only temporary. You may start thinking extreme things like “it’s the end of the world” or, “the last four years were a waste” and even, “how am I going to pay off these loans.” You will move on from those thoughts at some point. It takes a while but eventually we all get there.  

To be real, give yourself a week or so to drown you sorrows in ice cream (I recommend anything chocolate from Breyers or anything from Talenti).  After that start thinking about what direction you want for your life. It can be something you didn’t go to school for, dream big. 

To get out of the rut, here are somethings you will need:
  • Get a good blazer and a journal; they will both be useful for impromptu interviews. I prefer a solid Moleskine
  • Work on that elevator pitch you never know who you might need to impress on a whim.
  • Research top companies in the industry you see yourself working in, and current events. 
  • Have that polished resume of yours handy on your smartphone, make several copies on premium paper.

How do you get out of a rut like this?


  1. Your right about having a good blazer and a journal is a must.
    Found you on BBN!

  2. sadly, school does not generally teach how to find a job which is a whole skill in and of itself. I highly reccomend the book "what color is your parachute"


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