Leopard Backup iPhone Battery Charger

Do you ever have those days where, you can't find a wall plug to charge that iPhone? So yesterday, I was stranded near a mall. Phone was five minutes from red (dreadful). In search of a charging area...I somehow, yes somehow, ended up at J-Crew. Starbucks was too crowded.

I waltzed my way down to the sale area...very good selections they had. But while in the middle of tweeting, instagram and failed Vine attempts. This iPhone was running out of energy, I was not willing to be that person who stands by the wall in a store to charge her phone, that is so 2007 (or, something).

 Then, I saw it, the Printed backup battery for iPhone! Came out to $12.99
(more discounts in-stores, it's $29.99 on sale and worth it!)

This little advice is half the size of your iPhone and as flat as a chunky piece of flat bread. Charges your phone when you are on the go. It is so perfect for people who are out all day doing God knows what..like work and stuff. 

Turns out, many other brands make the same thing, after some minor research (link), you travelers out there. Think about investing is one or two! 

Kind f speaking of traveling, what about this phone case? If I had an iPhone 5, it would be on its way to me. Especially that it is only $9.99 right now! Oh and Barbados? 

Have you made any great discoveries lately? 


  1. ACK! I so need that...I had never heard of it before. Thanks!!

    1. yes, I charged it and it's official home is in my purse :)

  2. Those backup batteries/chargers are such a lifesaver! Loving that iphone case...too bad I'm currently using an android phone!


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