Lunch lessons with Warren Buffet

Yesterday, Warren Buffet and I had lunch, it was a late lunch. Never really thought I would be able to say this but it was a great lunch with a smart and simple man. Oh Caroline Ghosn was there too, she is the co-founder and CEO of The Levo League, and she asked all the questions because I was too busy eating my Jimmy Johns.

Let’s not take this too far now, I did take a late-ish lunch with Levo League. I was at my desk somewhere in the Washington, DC metro area; Warren and Caroline were I believe in Omaha, NE. She asked some great questions and I learned some great life lessons. Some of which we have heard before but need to hear more of...if you get my drift.
For Video (link)
Listening to the interview, I realized that we are all very lucky to have so much at our disposal, and we need to use it. As young persons, we have a lot more opportunities at our disposal, more chances to realize our potential. 

Right after college, most of us do not get our dream job, but settle working at some random company that was hiring. We should not settle working somewhere we don’t enjoy; somewhere we are not excited to go work at. Of course, we can handle it for a bit but don’t make it a permanent option. 

When you find something that you are really good at, that you are really interested in, learn everything about it, everything. Become an expert.  And, sometimes you’re going to have to get up in front of people and speak. Communication is, and always be very important. People need to hear your ideas. They can’t all be as bad as you think. 

It is really weird how I can sit behind my computer during my lunch hour and basically watch a live semi-exclusive interview. It really felt like I was sitting there with them sipping some coffee, or tea…maybe it is just me. 

PS. If you would like to check out the interview… (Link)


  1. Great lessons indeed. The point about not settling in jobs that aren't enjoyable particularly resonated with me.


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