May Fave: Chesapeake Bay Candle

What better way to welcome summer or any new season than with a scented candle? Candles just have a way of setting the mood for, well almost anything. Toward the end of last month, I went to a Burlington Coat Factory to discover they sold candles. After about an hour of smelling just about every single scent, decided to try the Coconut Sands scented candle from Chesapeake Bay Candle.

Chesapeake bay candle
At first, since it is was half the price of a Yankee Candle the same size. I has a bit skeptical that the smell would not be as potent and not diffuse as well, and boy was I wrong. In the midst of this horrible East Coast weather, I along with everyone else needed a little reminder that summer is not too far away.  It burns very well, within 30 minutes of burning, the room smelled like a sweet summer afternoon at the beach featuring a fun drink. Something like a pina-colada, but not too overwhelming.

Unfortunately, I could not find where to buy that specific scent. It is a bummer because It smells amazing, an instant vacation...


  1. Sounds {er...smells?} delicious! I can't stand that all the scents aren't available all the time. I found a scrumptious maple candle, so wonderful, and so discontinued! Sigh...

    1. just a tad frustrating, next time i find this one...I will haul them lol


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