Scarf Issues

Thing is, I need a scarf and cannot decide on one. Well, more like I would rather not buy them all. There is something about wearing a fresh scarf in the spring and summer. You never know where there will be a chill. 

These are all from Zara because that store knows how to make a scarf that is long enough and very versatile. Most of there are the scarves you take with you when traveling that can double as a light cover, the heavier ones are basically blankets!

PS. They are all under $30, sweet isn't it?
1 | Striped Zebra Print Scarf (link)
2 | Zebra Printed Green and Blue Scarf (link)
3 | Combination ethnic and stripe printed scarf (link)
4 | Zebra Print Yellow Scarf (link)
5 | Printed Safari Scarf (link)
6 | Grey Printed Scarf (link)

Which one is your favorite?


  1. Love the zebra with the gorgeous blue! Scarves never fail to add flair to outfits so easily xo

    1. hm yes 1 & 2 are my faves but I just still want them all

  2. Okay so I would get them all buuut if you can only get one get number 1 and number 6. Ha! Really I can't decide.

  3. Great picks! I am so glad you linked up with Friday's Five! Hope to see you back this week.

    Enter the Friday Link Up!

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