Spring Accessories

I never really understood why spring was so dysfunctional. One moment it is snowing, the next its super sunny looking for my flip flops and neon anythings. Spring has been springing for a moment now, for some reason this year, I have been a bit more precise about the accessories I reach for. Normally, I am not too trendy in my dressing but, this season the trends were already in my closet. Go figure, I can see the future. We have all seen the whole monochrome and random pop of color, luckily enough, in the Washington area that's what we wear. More on the monochrome side, but that's what everyone wears.

 I do actually own a variation of the things I show...its just that its a little hard putting together a photo shoot or laying them out properly to take a nice picture, ya get mah drift?

Marc Jacobs Retro Sunglasses |  It is spring, everyone tends to be get confused as to what to wear in the morning. We linger in front of our closets thinking about what to wear, before you know it there is no time to put your full make-up on. So super large sunglasses are a necessity for any day. I own a pair of the same style but from Ralph Lauren.

Urban Peach Statement Necklace | With any outfit, a simple colored necklace will make your outfit look very effortless. With a subtle color like a grey or tan, there will not too much thinking when it comes to what accessories you can wear with your outfit.

Nautical Stripe Scarf | Sometimes the weather can be very unpredictable. So keep a light scarf in your purse, just in case the weatherman lied again. They tend to do that sometimes. Also, it can get very cold in buildings as soon as the weather gets warmer. 

Umbrella | I know it is May already but, you never know. Keep a small umbrella in your purse, especially for those of you lovely ladies who live in the U.K.

Hunter Rain Boots | These are not just for the fall winter. They have become more fashionable and more accepted. It used to be that if you worn rain boots after it rained, you would get nasty confused looks. No more! you can wear them if it is supposed to rain at any point of the day. Just bring another pair of shoes with you...

Who doesn't like to have a little extra gift? Help yourself welcome the spring weather with a new guest to your arm-party. Alex + Ani is having a sale on one of their new-ish bracelets The Lady Bug which is perfect for spring. Use the code "LADYBUG" for $5 off. You're welcome


  1. That bracelet is too adorable!!

  2. Hunter boots are a must!! I just bought some 2-3 weeks ago and they were such a good purchase. They make every outfit look good, even when it's pouring outside. In the winter I want to buy their boot socks too!


    1. Still thinking about investing, I am using old rain boots that I've had since high school lol

  3. This is such a fun outfit! Loving the Hunter boots...here in Vancouver they are a must and the fact that you can add a sock to them they last well into winter!


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