Most Worn Thing

I bet you too have that pair of shoes you've worn since last September. Let's be real!

Recently set out to wear my lovely little mocassins from Zara and realized they were over worn and needed to be retired. It may have broken a piece of my heart or not. They are at the point where they can no longer be worn outside.

At one point between last october and today I had worn them for a month straight. These mocassins go with everything and they are very comfortable, now I need to buy a new pair since my current ones need to, you know be retired. If you follow me on Instagram, you would see my outfits. Pre-owning an iPhone, these mocassins are everywhere.

Some contenders for new summer could be the Chinese Laundry D'Orsay flats which are perfect for the summer heat or the Marc Jacobs slipper, it's just adorable, and it's called "Mine Puppy Slipper."
 Marc by Marc Jacobs Friends of Mine Puppy Slipper (link)
Chinese Laundry Easy Does It (link)

Do you have a summer shoe? Or, a shoe that you have worn a little too much? 


  1. I went in to a near panic when my favorite clogs started wearing down-- thank god for the shoe repair shop down the street!!

    1. oh yes but I don"t think there is a solution for my fab moccasins! time for new pair

  2. Of course we all the same shoes....Mine are from Michael Kors and thank goodness they make the sames ones year after year!

  3. Beautiful flats. Love the design.

  4. Hey! Found your blog on 'better blogger network' and really like it! :)
    Following now!
    And the dog shoes are amazing!!! I just wished the dog would smile somehow, haha!!^^


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