Packing for summer internship: Must haves city

If you have not spent a summer in Washington (or, New York City), you would not know that it is a sea of Jack Rogers sandals and Tory Burch flats. If you are someone who is coming from out of town, and you are not driving, there is no way you can bring your whole wardrobe with you. And living in a big-type of city only for three months, I would not bother bringing more than a luggage bag and a carry on.

In a city like The District, where you will probably get paid scraps for long hours and stress, you need the basics. You know pieces that will not cause more than 5 minutes to make a decision. For a color palette, I would say go neutral (tan, navy, white). 
Black dress (link) | Black pumps (link) | Large tote (link) | Black pants (link) | 
white button up (link) | Blazer (link) | Tank tops (link) | Beige flats (link) (link)| 

1| Large Tote | I recommend the Longchamp Pliage (link; they are low maintenance and can carry everything you wish. It really is a true Marry Poppins bag, the perfect city bag. 

2| Blazer | Every working girl will tell you that a good blazer is a necessity in a wardrobe in general. It is about the quickest way to take a casual outfit to a semi-professional git up. For a decent blazer, unless it is a good sale prepare to spend a little over $100. From the graphic, I found these two which I own similar styles. Trouve Zip Pocket (link) ; GAP Classic two button blazer (link)

3| Tailored shirt | The classic button up shirt can be worn twice in one week, and makes for a great saturday "chill-type" shirt. Stop by any Banana Republic or GAP for one. Try the New Tailored  Shirt (link

4| Tank tops | You juts need them, and GAP has the comfiest ones. Try the Pure Body Tank (link)

5| Dress Pants | Any working girl will tell you, that pair of black pants could probably be worn 3 out of 5 days of the week. And these ASOS Pants In Straight leg (link) are definitely on my list to get. 

6| Little Black Dress | I would hope this is self explanatory. Try Lispy Textured Peplum Dress (link)

7| Classic Pumps or Wedges | Wedges tend to be more comfortable especially when you are at the bottom of the totem pole. For all that running around, I would go for wedges, remember no one likes blisters after the first day. Try, Aldo Georgen Black Block Heeled Pointed Courts (link)

8| Comfortable Flats | Tory Burch are a favorite but there are others that are as nice for less and they will last as long. Try Sam Edelman Felicia Flats (link); Tory Burch Caroline Elastic trim ballerina flat (link)

PS. If you are the skirt kind of gal, go for it and they are easy to pack.


  1. Your choices are perfect. With a great piece of jewelry you can easily change up any of the basics!


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