Discovering the Nudy Patooty

Yet another discovery, last week, while perusing the internet during lunch, I stumbled upon this up and coming brand. “Nudy Patooty” is a brand new of women’s undershirts targeted toward the corporate lady. Michelle Shemilt (founder) has thought about everything! Low necklines, to accommodate most of all styles of tops. 

Even if these come out to be $30-40, it would be worth it because our designer or expensive tops even dresses would not be ruined with stains and the underarm padding would prevent having that underarm stain from running about in the summer. And the dry-cleaning bill will be reduced.

Also, they have the potential to be perfect for traveling. Consider wearing under a nice blouse or sweater, the undershirt looks decent enough to be worn by-itself to relax on an airplane. The bamboo fabric it is made with will provide maximum comfort because of how soft it already is. Imagine a long haul flight…

My problems, judging from the photos, the short sleeve version looks a little too short and larger woman would not be able to enjoy this invention. These also cannot be worn with your low back tops. Then again, I take it that this is only phase one of Michelle and the Nudy Patooty. 

If you would like to contribute to the future success of the Nudy Patooty (click here) 2 days left! 

P.S. This is not a sponsored post, I am just that excited for Patooty to happen. Who isn’t excited for more options? 
Aren’t you tired of the old spaghetti strap undershirt?Images are from Nudy Patooty website, graphic by The Workette