Lacey me happy

A couple of months ago, I purchased a new wallet. I needed one and there was a good sale. Usually, wallets get switched every three months or so. For some reason, it has been over six months and this little baby has been in my purse and there has been no second thought. Not even to trade it in for something new. And even If I got something new wallet, I would actually keep this one know just in case!

Wallets are such a tricky thing, sometimes you want them to be large and other times you just want your phone and credit it just me? Well that's fine too.

When I got the grove Court Lacey from Kate Spade (link!), which was on sale for less than $100, it was a bit of a conflict. They literally had all the colors of the rainbow at the store and I got the brightest lime green.

This thing is an enabler in the worst possible way, but I just love it.

I can find any piece of junk and jewelry, its gotten so bad that I cant find my money because of an overload of receipts...that I do not need.

Among other necessary things that fit are a pen, iphone and blackberry.

Do you have a favorite wallet?