Working during Summer

Thought Spring was a tease with the ever changing weather; this summer season has been the worst. Sometimes I do wish I could still have those summers off to do fun things like, catch up on sleep. Unfortunately, as a working adult having to do the whole nine to five thing summer has become such a drag. 

Sitting inside an office with department lights on is so harsh, when you know how great the sun will feel on your skin. By the time you get out of work the sun is gone, it is muggy and full of traffic. Your friends are just texting you all kinds of fun  they are having on their trip abroad and all the vitamin D they are getting from the great outdoors.

And the inside of the office always feels like your refrigerator at home. The layers of clothing you bring just to have to wear are only for that office. I do actually have two scarves at my desk at all times for that reason. Especially on days where I have the crazy idea to wear a skirt, legs have a way of getting cold. 

How I survive?

Being in an office all day is not for everyone in order to survive and stay sane, I take a “smoke break”, but I don’t actually smoke. I just take a walk outside and try to enjoy at least ten minutes a day of sunshine to keep you sane. Or, just go out for lunch or eat outside if I brown bag  my lunch.  Always remember to either bring a cardigan or leave one at the office, you know just in case