Everyone should travel

Everyone should want to travel, and travel often. I have been in the workforce for a little while now and noticed that people don't take advantage of their vacations. Maybe it's just me but we work everyday, the 9 to 5 deal and by Friday completely burnt out. There is no time to do a quick trip to Miami or wherever

A while back, I promised myself that I would travel more and explore my surroundings. I did explore some one my surroundings but did not travel more. Not to places I haven't been before. Kind of disappointing, I know. We should want to go to China  to see the Great Wall, to Nebraska for some amazing steak, even to MIlwaukee for a brewery tour. Perhaps to Martha's Vineyard just to know what it's like.

Earlier this week when I watched the Kris Show with Kanye west, he made a great point:
"I think people should want to go on vacation or just to travel because that's what opens people's minds"
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Where do you want to visit?