Neon at work

If you are in the mood to give people some shock at the office or anywhere, just weak neon. It is the peak of summer right now and the best time to take advantage of the rest of the neon in our closets. 

More corporate black and white offices would not be too happy with you wearing a full neon dress with same colored shoes. The rule is if you are wearing neon, just like any loud pattern, keep it minimal. One piece of neon is enough neon for that day.

Last week, I dared to wear a pink neon skirt then proceeded at the end of the week to weak neon green slacks.  First reaction was “did you meet someone”, second was “you must have a lot of neon in your closet.” Clearly I do not wear enough neon.

Dress | Sandals | Purse | Pumps

How do you wear neon?