Best Snacks to Travel with

I have had my fair share of traveling, and there is nothing worst than not having your snack of choice especially on long haul flights. These days, you have to pay to have an extra snack on a plane, so unless you think about bringing your own to nibble on the one meal you get served on the plane will be the only free meal you will have. unless of course it is not a problem to spend $10 on a bag of mixed nuts.

When it comes to traveling, it is very important to bring something that will be able to go thru TSA. Most airlines do offer decent meals for long flights but it is always good to bring a little snack of your own. Dried fruits are great to carry anywhere in general,  not to mention they are a healthy snack and come in most fruit flavors. Wasabi peas for a little bit of wake me up. A good spicy snack that goes well with a good book.

Seaweed snacks are so weird but so good. Definately an acquired taste, if you like sushi, you will love it. At last, meal bar is perfect for early morning flights. Odds are breakfast is not the first thing on your mind as you shuffle to get ready. Clif bars are a favorite, very healthy and helps keep you strong

also, for something stronger pick up a bagel with the topping of your choice at a store in the gate where you board the plane.

What snacks do you bring while traveling?