Paris by Night

I have been here before. I have done this. Really its nothing new, but I thought I'd share it with my piece of the internet.

A typical night out starts at around 1 am and ends closer to 6am. I know it took me a while to adjust. In retrospect it is not a bad idea because you have time to have dinner, take a nap, and then get yourself ready.First off, the club scene is so different. People are so...carefree? Not one person is afraid of showing what they want to do at the end of the night...on the dance floor, absolutely do not care who is around and what they look like.
What is so different about this is the simple fact that when you get ready to go home from a night, or a morning, of partying the bakery next door will be ready to serve your inebriated self some of the freshest baguettes, croissants, even made to order sandwiches your heart desires. No need to get a fattening slice of pizza.

After that, you can even catch the Metro to go home, some stations near popular bars are actually open right around the time these bars close. How convenient, right?

Ever experienced Paris by night?