Selling on Ebay

If you follow me on twitter, you may have seen my endless tweets about the random things I am selling. It is becoming a problem isn't it. Here is what happened.

Last month, I went to Nordstrom Rack got the most amazing deal on a pair of Gucci Betty Pumps. Basically 90% off,  it was a great deal. Unfortunately, I was in a hurry and just grabbed them assuming that because I picked them up in the right section, thinking they would also be my size. I was wrong. Considering that it was right around my busy-before-Holiday-time, going out of my way to do a return was not option. 

A friend of mine told me to post it on Ebay and let people bid on it. Ok...I did. They sold for half of the original price. Then, believe me you...I went thru my whole closet and I streamlined. Just like I promised myself at the start of the year. As a rookie, I must say it is very stressful not knowing if people will actually buy things...that's why I have been tweeting them out so much.

PS. Ebay is such a easier way to get cash for your “things” than a consignment store. No one judges your purchase choices.